Fleet (B2B)


Our Client:



ARI, Element, Enterprise fleet

Partner with:

Costco, America’s Tire, Sam’s Club, Walmart

Federal government:

Post offies in South Bay area, Fish & Wild life Beauru

LA County government:

Public Works Department

City government:

Inglewood, Long Beach, Signal Hills, Redondo Beach, Manhatton Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles (Port of Los Angeles)

Unified School District:

Palos Verdes, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Carson(Durham)

Enterprsie Corp.:

rent a car, truck rental, ride share and used car sales.

500 Futune companies:

Phillips 66, Honeywell, Penske, Pepsi Co. etc.

Mid-size companies:

Vector USA, Sunrider, Clear Chennal, CPS Security, Holliday Inn. etc.

Small business:

Pacific Laundry, CPS transportation, O’Connel Landscaping, etc.


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