Alignment & Suspension Specialists


Shocks, Alignment And Suspension work at Torrance Auto Repair

We are the South Bay’s Alignment and Suspension Specialist!

For decades, car owners in the South Bay area have been referring our shop to their friends and relatives for alignments, shocks, suspension, 4WD, and axle repairs and service.


Because we can work on anything and we do it better than all the others!  Here are the reasons that separate our auto repair shop from the others in the area:

We have the right equipment for alignment and suspension work.

Off Road Vehicle Alignment 4Wheel Drive Suspension, Torrance Auto RepairThis is IMPORTANT!  Alignment and suspension work can be especially challenging on some vehicles.  When you don’t have the right equipment to do the work just right, the job is done poorly.  There is just no way to get around this.  There are too many auto repair shops around doing alignments on cars without the right equipment and the results are very poor, with lots of dissatisfied customers.  Conversely, with the right equipment like ours, we do the work perfectly and quickly.

We have the right people for alignment and suspension work

Experience is vitally important to doing alignments and suspension repairs properly.  And, we’ve got great experience at Torrance Auto Repair.  Our shop is referred by many auto repair shops around the South Bay because of our technicians.  They get the jobs done right, done fast and the results last longer.

Lowered Low rider suspension and alignments at Torrance Auto RepairsWe work on specialty vehicles!

At Torrance Auto Repair we provide alignments, suspension and brake work on all sorts of specialty vehicles and custom vehicles.  For example:

  • Lowered cars and trucks.
  • Raised cars and trucks
  • Antique cars
  • Hot rods
  • Custom cars
  • Big Rig Trucks!