Your Dealership Alternative


Thumbs Up for Torrance Auto Repair, Your Dealership Alternative!Did you know the only time you need to go back to the dealership is for Under-Warranty repairs and recalls?  That’s right, many people are unaware that you can have your required maintenance performed at any qualified auto repair shop.

So, why would you choose to come to Torrance Auto Repair, rather than the dealership?

1. We are faster and more convenient

We have lots of customers that love coming to our shop rather than the dealership because we are quicker and more convenient.  We don’t have those long lines at check-in.  We are easier to get in an out of our shop.  There is always someone available to help you and who knows you.

2. Talk to the people that know about your service

Usually at the dealership, when you pick up your car, you talk to a “Cashier” that doesn’t know anything about the car and the service performed. But, what if you have a question?

At Torrance Auto Repair, you pick up your car and talk to the people that know about the work done on your car.  We explain the work carefully and in a courteous manner.  We take the time to answer your questions and show you the parts and the car.  In short, we care more.

3.  Complimentary Shuttle Service, without the wait!

At our shop, just come in for your appointment and one of our shuttle drivers will quickly take you to the office or home.  At the dealership you are probably used to waiting for the shuttle, then waiting in the shuttle as it drives all over the county dropping off other people.

Our shuttle service is much more personal and more responsive — without the wait!

4. Manufacturer’s Parts or Better!

If you’re concerned about the parts we use for your repairs and service, don’t worry.  We are very picky about the parts we use for your car.  We use only OEM or OEM equivalent or BETTER!  This means you can depend on your car once we do the service or repair.

5. We Are More Affordable

Most people have figured out over the years that dealerships are usually more expensive than independent auto repair facilities like ours.  We simply don’t have the overhead and costs that dealerships have and that saves both of us money.  We also have the luxury of a broader selection of part vendors and that extra competition helps drive down on the price of the parts we use.  But, don’t worry about the quality — we NEVER choose the cheap junk.  We only choose quality parts that give us and you complete confidence.