Why Choose Torrance Auto Repair?


At Torrance Auto Repair, we have worked hard to make our shop your number one choice for auto repairs, auto maintenance, alignment & suspension work, smog checks and everything automotive.  Below are some of the reasons why we make such a good choice.  Click on the + to see the details.

Thank you for considering our shop.  Our staff is grateful you are thinking about using our shop as YOUR home for auto repair and maintenance.

Only High Quality Auto Repair and Maintenance is Done Here!

You know… you would think that every auto repair shop out there should have very high standards, right?  Well, many auto repair shops simply don’t though.  At Torrance Auto Repair, we have very high standards for the repairs and services we provide.  You see, we want to see you come back to our shop, but not because something went wrong.

The way we do this is a firm commitment to doing the job right the very first time.  To accomplish this, we follow a few simple, but hard to implement rules for our business.

  1. We choose the finest auto repair and service talent to perform the service on your vehicles.  Most of our technicians have been with us for many years and all have extensive training and experience.  We make sure they keep up to date with the ever-changing automotive industry.
  2. We choose the best quality parts – no junk parts here!  This is a big issue for auto repair today because we are all trying to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.  But we won’t be lured into cutting corners to save a few bucks up front, only to have it cost you much more in the long run.  The quality of parts we buy are OEM grade or better and we know they will last and perform the way they should.
  3. The right equipment is also very important today.  We are constantly upgrading and updating our computer resources, line equipment and systems to keep up to date with today’s more complex, computer oriented vehicles.  This is important for you because we don’t spend needless hours troubleshooting a problem like other shops may.  When we use the right equipment it allows us to save time troubleshooting and performing the service properly the first time.

We are a full service “One Stop Shop”

Engine Repairs, Torrance Auto RepairThis is important for YOU!  Here’s why.  Many people find they have to visit an auto repair shop for repairs, a quick lube center for their oil changes and quick maintenance, a tire shop for their tires, a smog check shop for smog inspections.

Now that you’ve discovered Torrance Auto Repair, YOU don’t have to anymore.  We are a complete full service auto repair and maintenance facility that provides quality service on all levels of automotive care.

We have a quick lube center that allows you to come in with or without an appointment just for your oil changes and other fast routine maintenance services.  We are also the main go to shop for Alignments and Suspension.  And of course, our auto repair qualifications are unparalleled in the area.  We provide all types of auto repairs from simple Check Engine Lights to more complex electrical diagnostics.

Once you’ve discovered our shop, you’ll never go anywhere else.  Come in today!

Specialists for Alignments and Suspension Work in the South Bay

Alignment, Brakes, Suspension for the Torrance and South Bay AreasFor decades South Bay car owners have come to trust and refer our shop as their number one choice for alignments and suspension.

Here’s why we’re your best choice for specialty alignments and suspension work for the South Bay area:

  • We have the dedicated professionals
  • The rare equipment that it takes to do this service right
  • The facilities to handle the vehicles properly.

Vehicles we provide alignment and suspension work for includes:

  • Lowered cars and trucks
  • Raised cars and trucks
  • RV’s – Yes we have the equipment and the physical facilities to accommodate your RV
  • Boat and other recreational vehicle trailers
  • Hot Rods
  • Antiques
  • Custom Cars
  • Big Rigs!  Yes we can.
  • and just about any vehicle on the road

Super Friendly and Helpful Auto Repair People!

There’s one thing  you can depend on at Torrance Auto Repair and that’s our people.  We have a very caring group of people for our service advisors and they also know their stuff.  This helps you because we get to know you and your vehicles.  We help you make sure your cars are dependable and more affordable through the right maintenance services.

We would much rather see you in our auto repair shop for a maintenance appointment than a for a big repair because of some neglect.  We work hard to make suggestions specific to your car, your driving situation, and your needs.

We know having a well maintained car is going to be more affordable for you.  It’s also going to last much longer and have a higher resale value.  But more importantly, it’s going to give you a greater peace of mind when you depend it.

Our Friendly, Helpful Experts are the key to helping you get these benefits.