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Beautiful red mustang on service rack at back shop of Torrance Auto RepairWe have been servicing cars from all over the South Bay at this location in Torrance since 1943, and many of our staff members have been here since the 1980’s.

Our Business Standards and Ethics

We value our customers greatly.  It would be easy to say we value them because we need them to come back and we need them to tell their friends about us.  But it’s that and something more.  We are the type of people that get to know our customers and we treat them like family and friends.

The business side of us thinks, “We must take care of our customers so they will come back.”  The people side of us simply won’t allow us to do it any other way.  We always strive for a fair win-win business relationship with each and every customer because our own personal ethics just won’t allow us to do it differently.

We really do treat our customers like our friends.  Why?  Because most of the time, we are friends.

You can read more about the reasons to choose us for auto repair and maintenance on our Why Choose Us page.  Follow this link

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